Commercial Service

What’s included:

Static public IP address (we make a small charge for multiple public IPs)
Fully upgradeable connection from 500kbps to 5mbps
No IP change when you change service level

How do we do it?
Primarily by working with our customers to manage bandwidth usage.
We don’t make you pay for data transfer that you are never going to use. We set your included data transfer levels in line with what our experience shows you are likely to use.
We think that this transparency is more fair than claiming “unlimited data transfer” and then baffling clients with an unfathomable “fair usage policy”.

The table below shows our most popular packages but we build every customers plan to suit their needs

Commercial Service Pricing

Equipment: £665.00
Including standard UK installation

Monthly charges:
Download/Upload Data Transfer  
4Mbps/1Mbps 15GB £125.00
8Mbps/2.5Mbps 25GB £221.00

Speeds quoted are maximum headline rates, typical speeds may vary
All prices +20%VAT. Service is subject to our fair usage policy.